Robbert Dijkgraaf: ClimateGate unrelated to IPCC

NRC Handelsblad in the Netherlands has printed an interview with Robbert Dijkgraaf, the main reviewer of the IPCC panel who was invited by a letter from Pachauri and Ban Ki-Moon to look at the functioning of the IPCC:

IPCC reviewer: ‘Every good scientist is a sceptic by nature’ (interview)

Dijkgraaf says many idealistic things about the scientists’ duty to be skeptics; general observations about the complexity of the information flows in the modern society; the co-existence of science and politics; the inability of politicians and laymen to understand the margins of errors and probabilities; and so on.

I think that Robbert shows that he is wise and knows a lot, although some kind of separation from the real world is still penetrating his answers. However, I completely share Steve McIntyre’s surprise – if I avoid the word “shock” for a while – caused by the following comment of Robbert about the ClimateGate:

Those emails are not directly related to the work of the IPCC.

Wow. How can they fail to be “directly related”? The acronym IPCC appears in 357 e-mails from the CRU archive. And the acronym not only appears there: the e-mails tell us a lot – if not “pretty much everything” – about the work of the IPCC.

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