Young climate campaigners adopt an MP

Campaign by UK Youth Climate Coalition aims to keep global warming at the top of the political agenda

Climate advocates suffered a painful defeat in Copenhagen, and energy among campaigners has been at an all-time low. But 200 new MPs and a new government bring a new opportunity.

To coincide with the Queen’s speech later today, the UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC) is launching a long-term campaign that will see all 650 members of parliament in the UK “adopted” by a young person in their constituency, in an attempt to keep climate change at the top of their agenda.

Young people will be given tips about how to create compelling and convincing arguments, how to meet MPs and stop hijackings by overly talkative MPs, and how to use social media to spread their message after the meeting.

Local groups will be formed in key constituencies like Eastleigh, which is represented by the Liberal Democrat secretary of state for energy and climate change, Chris Huhne. Huhne said it was great to see such an “imaginative” campaign.

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