Founder of Oregon Petition wins house primary race

First stage win for science in US House of Representatives

Guest post by Russ Steele

There has been a lot of discussion of the election results in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas by the talking head on TV and talk show pundits on the radio, not not much information on the results in Oregon. Why am I interested in the results on Oregon? Glad you asked.

Art Robinson ran in the GOP Primary to represent the Oregon in 4th Congressional District. Wise Republican voters selected Dr. Art Robinson to represent them in the November 2010 Congressional race against Democrat Peter DeFazio.

I saw an online video by Art Robinson at the 4th International Climate Change Conference explaining why he is running. He wants to being some scientific rationality to the discussions on issues in Congress, especially climate change. “Let’s have at least one real scientist in Congress,” he said.

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