De IPCC-hogepriester Dr. Kevin Trenberth is aardig in opspraak deze dagen zoals je kunt volgen op Anthony Watts is onder de indruk van deze brief van Willis Eschenbach aan Dr. T. omdat het echt een mooi overzicht biedt van de gezonde sceptische positie.

Hieronder de onthullende climategate e-mail waarmee Eschenbach zijn epistel afsluit…

But as far as subsequently proclaiming your innocence and saying that you and your friends did nothing wrong? Sorry, Dr. T, the jury has already come in on that one, and they weren’t distracted by either the nobility of your cause, nor by the unequivocal fact that you and your friends were whitewashed as pure as the driven snow in the investigation done by your other friends … instead, they noted your emails saying things like:

In that regard I don’t think you can ignore it all, as Mike [Mann] suggests as one option, but the response should try to somehow label these guys a[s] lazy and incompetent and unable to do the huge amount of work it takes to construct such a database.

Indeed technology and data handling capabilities have evolved and not everything was saved. So my feeble suggestion is to indeed cast aspersions on their motives and throw in some counter rhetoric. Labeling them as lazy with nothing better to do seems like a good thing to do.

SOURCE: email 1177158252

Yeah, that’s the ticket, that’s how a real scientist defends his scientific claims …