Oh my, brown bears die by insomnia from climate change! Act Now!= 'communicating climate change with overwhelming evidence'

Dear Amanda Porter

Let me first start this blog again with the pseudoscientific startingpoint of your researchgroup from the University of Nutterham, on Talking Climate.org:

The evidence for climate change is so overwhelming (…)that you might expect the facts to speak for themselves. Unfortunately they don’t – which means that using the most effective methods for communicating climate science is critical.

The ‘Overwhelming Evidence’ that European Brown Bears die by insomnia from climate change
As your research-object for ‘Communicating Climate Change’suffering from both the White Male Effect and Denial Disorder, I want to further illustrate my mental illnes in this posting. I do this with an example from your Dutch ‘Climate Communication’-specialists. They made an exhibition to convince children The End is Near ‘Unless We Act’, and the ‘overwhelming evidence’they give I present here:

‘Did you (children RZ) know that brown bears suffer from insomnia when wintertime comes and the time for hibernating starts?There are 11- to 12 thousand brown bears in Europe. When the bears EXACTLY start hibernating depends on temperature and the amount of food they can find (now which one might be more important Amanda? RZ). Because of less cold winters they now are totally confused (…..)Without hibernating, bears run the risk to starve (….)

Now why do i suffer Denial Disorder here, not believing that brown bears die because of ‘a lack of cold’? Please watch the next photo’s that I made in Rumania- European bear country nr 1- and do something that Climatists seem to have such a hard time doing: think for yourself

Brown bears eating and believing rubbish because of climate change

Oh my, Amanda, what biological drama is occuring here. It MUST be that this bears suffering from insomnia from climate change have fled in despair to rubbish containers, and this dying mother is sparing her last powers to feed her young. I would make someone believe this if i were from Nutterham.

Unfortunately for Nutterham sociologists, I know a little of bear behaviour, have watched many many bears in Rumania, ánd know how their numbers are kept artificially high by feeding them. This feeding is done by commercial huntingbureaus and the State Forestry Department for sporthunting. One dead bear (trophy) shot by WWF’s Juan Carlos (a regular visitor) is worth more than 10.000 euro’s.

When feeding stations – the favourite spots of the bears for an easy meal- are empty, they migrate into towns to feed on rubbish, like here in Racadau. This highly adaptable omnivore is in no way picky and – in contrary to the beliefs of some lefty ecologists- does not need ‘wilderniss’or ‘natural food’: it needs easy food, the first rule in nature.

    Now here’s 3 questions to you in my course for absolute beginners:’How to start thinking for yourself’.
    a. How important for a bear’s survival, would average winter temperature be in still freezing cold Rumanian wintertime?
    b. Why did the hibernating-behaviour in brown bears evolve in the first place, and is flexibility in timing a disadvantage or just adaptation to changing conditions?
    c. Could you give an estimate for the relative importance for survival between food and average wintertime temperature?

A brown bear suffering from Climate Denial Disorder, thus finding average temperature less important then easy food

But, is it True Amanda?
So to my view as a white male suffering from Climate Denial Disorder, this is a typical example of how Climatists trying to ‘communicate climate change’, move their ‘overwhelming evidence’ out of the realm of falsifiability, to make it immune for refutal. The claims contain so many ifs, that noone can 100%-rightly assure that no bear will ever have less bodycondition because of a possible later start of their hibernation in some year with a milder (still very cold)winter, so that they possibly would end up awake in a time and area with less optimal feeding conditions, so that etc etc

Now, Rumanian bear hunting season starts again in march, when the bears awake from hibernating, and run to the feeding stations to satisfy their hunger with an easy meal(where the ‘hunters’await them): so before 100s of them are ‘harvested’ again for WWF’s King Carlos and his kin, could you Amanda, give an estimate of the relative importance of average winter temperature in the daily riskcalculation and feeding behaviour for bears and their survival. I thank you most kindly…