Cees Le Pair deelt deze video van zijn vriend John Droz met ons. Het is MUST SEE. Lees hieronder ook wat Cees erbij schrijft….

Dear John, Congratulations!

This is a very illuminating lecture about the essence of science. And its educational power to be understood and to make an impression on a lay public is strong. Whether it will be remembered, as it should, remains to be seen. My experience there is rather unfavourable. When you attempt to convince a sett of people about the stupidity of buying lottery tickets in order to become rich, which requires very elementary mathematics to show how right you are, you usually succeed. Untill one week later they read in some newspaper about a bloke winning a million in the sweepstake. Then you loose 99% of your followers. But in the mean time you are absolutely right to call this a_most important message_. Recently I wrote a book. It was published in The Netherlands in November 2011 – in Dutch – with the title: ‘De toekomst achter ons’ (The future behind us). The subject of the book is: society is reversing the course of enlightenment; back to pre-scientific times. If you open my website the announcement of it with pictures of the cover, front and back, is about the first thing that meets the eye. In it I show with a multitude of examples how in all fields of life/opinion, belief, vision,/or you name it are replacing facts and conscientious computation, measurements and observations, in short meticulous science. The book does not only deal with climate and energy. The new trend pervades all realms of life. Yes it even contaminates the scientific enterprise itself as you also highlight in your lecture. The quality of education is at stake, the race to publish to acquire tenure and research funds encourages cheating with data and plagiourism, nonsens stories about Post Modern Science and PP and many more examples lead people astray. It is sad, but there realy is a new megatrend going on in Western society away form true science. Although still much lip value is paid to its importance; but only in connection with money making, preferably today, not tomorrow. We are moving back to primitive notions like feelings and beliefs. There are, as you mention already people who want to put us, who deviate from the main stream of beliefs, to death. So we may look forward to some nice witch burning before long. The March 2013 issue of the Netherlands Magazine of Physics, NTvN, had a nice review of my book. Physicists are slow but thorough (!). Your lecture shows that I am not the only one in this world who reads the signs. Usually in world history it takes some 500 to a 1000 years before a prophet’s teachings are taken seriously. So let’s remain modest about the impact of our message. This on the other hand should not keep us from spreading it around where, and whenever we can! I am glad to know that there are already two of us!

Kind regards,

Hier de link naar Cees’ boek.