The annual International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW) is usually held in the US or Canada but this year chose Grenoble and Chamonix in the French Alps as its venue. The conference that is held this week hosts 600 scientists and mountain experts who have emitted tons of CO2 arriving from all over the world. Already on their first day of gathering the French press agency AFP released this alarmist message to the press! Lo and behold the Al Gore effect is to strike them thursday and friday!


70-80% less snow at 1.800m in 2100 and a 90% reduction of avalanche warnings. At 3000m 20-30% less in the northern Alps but 50-60% in the Southern French Alps. Host Gérald Giraud, scientist at the Centre d’études de la Neige (Météo France/CNRS) in Grenoble adds: “We have to wait till 2030-2040 to get rid of the interannual climate variabilty.”



Well the “scientists” and “experts” gathered in Grenoble and Chamonix need not wait that long. Tomorrow the Al Gore effect is about to hit them very hard. Even the Vosges and the Jura might become snow covered. In the Alps the snow level will sink to 1000m temporarily but over the weekend above 1500m snowheights of 30cm might remain. Ski areas are still closed of course except the summer skiing stations like Tignes and Les 2 Alpes.


It’s like David Viner never made a sucker out of himself by declaring back in 2000 (cowardly after a winter with no snow in Great-Brittain) that kids in Great-Brittain would not know what snow is anymore within a few years (here he said it). Boy was he right! Right now a generation is growing up that doesn’t even know what global warming is, since it stopped in 1998. Kids born that year are 15 today! (H/T