Notrickszone.com is so valuable in that it shares purely German news with the whole world. Today with this announcement in Financieel Dagblad I feel that also the whole world should know. I heard about the new theme in a series of Energy Debates – “Is the European energy policy bankrupt?” – from an advertisement on BNR radio the sole Dutch business radio station. Since this station broadcasts a constant drizzle of sustainable chitchat one could easily conclude that the real question is “Is The Netherlands heading for bankruptcy?”. But us Dutch people are famous for our preacher-trader dichotomy where despite our constant moralizing in the end the trader always wins. We were the only nation that had a tradepost in Japan since the Japanese required Europeans to piss on a cross first. The Portuguese couldn’t do that but we didn’t mind.

So are we the first nation now to also piss on the sustainable cross? Here the Google translatation of the article with the announcement of the debate. The article ends with the usual tributes to the noble goals of shutting down our stable energy supply, but the fact that in this series of debates with earlier themes such as….

  • Will The Netherlands be greener with a National Energy Agreement?
  • Will Rotterdam be the sustainable energy port of North-Western Europe?
  • The green office
  • How can policymakers influence the choices of consumers

…. I feel that this new upcoming debate is quite a rupture. And now let’s see if Pierre passes on this news!