Zoals de trouwe lezers van dit blog weten, zijn er verschillende respondenten die de opwarmings’pauze’, ofwel hiatus, ontkennen dan wel bagatelliseren. Hun opvattingen stroken niet met die van professionale klimatologen die in de mainstream peer-reviewed literatuur publiceren. Wat weten onze respondenten dat de ‘professionals’ niet weten?

Onder de titel, ‘No Slowdown In Temperature Hiatus Research’, schreef David Whitehouse, onlangs voor de ‘Global Warming Policy Foundamtion’ (GWPF):

A small sample of new research papers in scientific journals shows that the global temperature hiatus is widely accepted in the scientific community.

“There was no global hiatus,” said Hansen et al. in a review of the global temperature of 2015. Last year, of course, like the year before and this year, had global temperatures elevated by a very strong El Nino – a short-term weather event.

The so-called pause or hiatus in average annual global surface temperature has been the most talked about aspect of climate science for some years now. To those who only pay attention to the most vocal scientists, campaigners and activists the situation is now clear. The hiatus either never existed, or it is now over. For some the proof of this viewpoint is easy. To prove it one has to draw a straight line through all of the available data and say that anything else is cherry-picking the data, or hold up a particular graph on a chat show and ridicule any opposition, or seek the opinion of those selected to agree. There is however a better way to judge what is going on and that is to look at the peer-reviewed scientific literature. What questions are being asked and what research is being done away from the partisan blogs, the TV studios, the twitter put-downs and the soundbites?

Nobody would say that the Geophysical Research Letters is a fringe journal. In it Sevellec at al discuss the nature of hiatus’ in global warming saying that there has been a “recent unprecedented decade-long slowdown in surface warming.”

Vervolgens geeft Whitehouse talloze links naar recente studies, die in de mainstream literatuur zijn verschenen. (Dus niet afkomstig zijn van klimaatsceptici.) Hij vervolgt:

When looking at this small sample of peer-reviewed literature it is clear that there is acceptance of the hiatus among many in the scientific community, and much research being carried out into its nature and causes. Xie et al in Nature Climate Change say that the “recent slowdown in global warming challenged our understanding of climate dynamics and anthropogenic forcing.”

Such a body of peer-reviewed literature cannot be ignored or deleted from soundbyte debates without demonstrating a lack of understanding or interest of what is actually going on in the scientific community. Denial and ridicule of such work is disappointing, and anti-scientific.

Aldus David Whitehouse voor GWPF.

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