The conference is open for everyone, and especially climate realists from all of Europe. We hope to fill the conference room with 180 participants.

The conference will mark the ten years formal existence of the Climate Realists in Norway.

The program of the conference is nearly fixed, as given in the attached poster. We might add two more lectures ( Part 3), on the fate of oil, gas and plastic in marine waters. Do they really threaten the life in salty waters?

So far, we have not spread the lectures for the two days. We will update the program during late summer.


Registration is done by paying the conference fee (138 Euro), to our bank account. We would as well like everyone to participate on the festive dinner Friday evening (add another 64 Euro). When paying, please give us the email address of every participant. If this can not be done when paying, please send an email to:

More information can be obtained from Morten Jødal, chairman of the Climate Realists in Norway:


Every participant has to find his or her accommodation. The following hotels have reasonable prices: Comfort Hotel Xpress, P Hotel Oslo, Park Inn by Radisson Oslo, Saga Hotel Oslo Centre, Smarthotel Oslo, Thon Hotel Astona, Thon Hotel Cecil, Thon Hotel Europe. There are as well many others.