WWF is dishonest, wastes resources and ineffective in ‘saving’ flagship species

Last week, the Dutch biggest national newspaper De Telegraaf printed a frontpage-article on 2 reports that investigative nature and sciencejournalist Rypke Zeilmaker published for De Groene Rekenkamer, also receiving wide attention on national radio and television newsshows. The reports are now translated with the title ‘World Wide Government Fund’. We feel some of [...]

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Time to discard Damanaki

One of the many troubles plaguing the European Union, is the selection of their unelected officials. Once in place, they police on dossiers on which they combine the intellectual laziness of the urban-socialist with a perfect lack of practical knowledge. To maximize civilian, economic and ecological damage, they overcompensate mentioned disabilities with the secular evangelism [...]

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Introducing ClimateTheory.net

On climategate.nl I have been writing about many subjects,  so far in over a hundred blogs, but I hardly touched on climate science: the way radiation, convection and clouds determine our climate, and the ways to calculate the climate sensitivity of the forcings, i.c. CO2. Of course this is an important subject, and I have [...]

A new perspective for the climate debate?

(U vindt de Nederlandse vertaling onder de Engelse tekst) Herewith I bring to your attention a working paper on perspectives of the continuation of climate change discussions that seems so far to have escaped  the attention of scientific institutions and policymakers. It is entitled: Post-modern science and the scientific legitimacy of the IPCC’s [...]

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No Need to Panic About Global Warming

Today The Wall Street Journal published a strong appeal to the US presidential candidates to choose for a rational stand on climate policy, signed by a group of distinguished climate scientists. Amongst them some well known sceptics, like Lindzen and Kininmonth, some American hero’s like astronaut and senator Schmitt, and Burt Rutan, the builder of SpaceShipOne. No [...]

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