China en India doen wereldwijde daling CO2-uitstoot teniet

Persbericht PBL 1 juli 2010 China en India doen wereldwijde daling CO2-uitstoot teniet Ondanks de aanhoudende economische crisis is de wereldwijde uitstoot van kooldioxide, het belangrijkste broeikasgas, in 2009 gelijk gebleven. De sterke toename van CO2-uitstoot in snel groeiende ontwikkelingslanden als China en India doet de daling in de geïndustrialiseerde wereld volledig teniet. Dit blijkt [...]

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China’s zucht naar steenkool niet te stuiten

China’s Energy Use Threatens Goals on Warming By KEITH BRADSHER Published: May 6, 2010 HONG KONG — Even as China has set ambitious goals for itself in clean-energy production and reduction of global warming gases, the country’s surging demand for power from oil and coal has led to the largest six-month increase in the tonnage [...]

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Nieuw BASIC-klimaatblok vergadert in Zuid-Afrika

SAfrica hosts developing countries on climate talk By DONNA BRYSON (AP) – 9 hours ago JOHANNESBURG — As the world struggles to break a deadlock in climate change negotiations, South Africa and three other influential developing nations are gathering for a strategy session to ensure poor countries are heard. Brazil, South Africa, India and China [...]

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China publiceert 197 pagina’s duurzaamheid voor UNDP

China Human Development Report 2009/10 If climate change impacts are not adequately addressed in China, there is a danger that three decades of achievements may be reversed. China's most strategic choice is therefore to embark on a low carbon development path that will preserve and increase its human development achievements in the years to come. [...]

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