Mann gaat op oude voet verder

Watts Up With That verwijst naar een recent opgenomen interview met Michael Mann. Het is tien minuten, maar meer dan de moeite waard. Mann is flink in zijn nopjes omdat hij voor de vijfde keer vrijgesproken is van onbetamelijk gedrag. Tijd om eens flink terug te slaan dus. […]

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Penn State onderzoek pleit Michael Mann vrij

Penn State clears Mann in Climate-gate probe By Juliet Eilperin A Pennsylvania State University investigative committee has cleared a climate scientist of ethical misconduct in connection with an exchange of e-mails about global warming known as Climate-gate. Michael Mann, a meteorology professor at Penn State, came under fire after hackers broke into the server of [...]

Steve McIntyre: “Michael Mann pleegde geen fraude”

Top Mann Nemesis: He's Not a Fraud By Paul Chesser The person who was most instrumental in debunking Climategate scientist Michael Mann's hockey stick chart, Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit, said last night that he did not believe his scientific misrepresentations rose to the level of fraud. At the Heartland Institute's Fourth International Conference on [...]

Begon alles met geheime deal tussen Saltzman en Mann?

Headline Story: Did a Secret Climate Deal Launch the Hockey Stick Fakery? by John O'Sullivan, guest post at Climate Realists The investigation into the alleged global warming data fraud by Virginia’s Attorney General may soon have a whole new angle. This comes from a previously overlooked connection between discredited tree-ring proxy researcher, Michael Mann and [...]