Watts up With That


  • Sind wir Klimaskeptiker oder schon...
    by Axel Robert Göhring on 21 feb 2019 at 16:30

    Die Internetz-Enzyklopädie Wikipedia ist mittlerweile derart dominant geworden, dass klassische Lexikonverlage den Druck von Büchern schon eingestellt haben. Der Betreiber wirbt mit […]

  • Elektrofahr­zeuge? Gute Nacht BONJOUR!
    by Chris Frey on 21 feb 2019 at 12:30

    Dr. Klaus L E Kaiser In den Nachrichten geht es um Tag und Nacht, dabei besonders um Letzteres. BONJOUR, d. h. das Unternehmen Téo Taxi, eine neue Art von Taxi-Unternehmen in Montreal mit […]



  • New Paper: Energy Policy Needs To Transition To...
    by bennypeiser on 14 feb 2019 at 08:00

    Rapid decarbonisation is “a delusion” A prominent Canadian economist has called for the political classes to stop making claims that they cannot fulfill and to return to energy policies […]

  • “Hyper-Alarming” Study Was Hype
    by bennypeiser on 11 feb 2019 at 08:57

    Calls for withdrawal of “insect collapse” paper London, 11 February: The scientific paper behind newspaper claims that insect populations were threatened with extinction was based on data […]

Climate etc. (Judith Curry)

  • Hurricanes and Climate Change: Attribution
    by curryja on 20 feb 2019 at 15:05

    by Judith Curry Part II:  what causes variations and changes in hurricane activity? 4. Detection and attribution of changes in hurricane activity  If oceans are getting warmer as a result […]

  • Hurricanes & climate change: detection
    by curryja on 17 feb 2019 at 22:44

    by Judith Curry I am preparing a new Special Report on Hurricanes and Climate Change. This Report is easier than my Special Report on Sea Level and Climate Change.  Sea level and glaciers are […]