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Below are all the posts in Climategate.nl that have been published in English language. We intend to do more articles or at least summaries in English…

Leading Dutch Financial Newspaper: “Is the European energy policy bankrupt?”

Notrickszone.com is so valuable in that it shares purely German news with the whole world. Today with this announcement in Financieel Dagblad I feel that also the whole world should know. I heard about the new theme in a series of Energy Debates – “Is the European energy policy bankrupt?” – from an advertisement on […]

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OK, you want to avoid more than 2°C warming, here’s your Challenge Ahead

On a day with particularly interesting weather (tornado’s, hail, storm – see my picture), while surfing the web for my daily dose of news on climate and energy, I accidentally came across an online report by the Dutch Environmental Planning Agency (PBL) about tracking the goals of “Rio 1992”. There is a regular webversion here and […]

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Is De Jager right or do we get a new Litte Ice Age like Lockwood says

Leading astrophysicist Kees de Jager is progressively toning down his warming scepticism. From predicting a Grand Minimum he backed down a few years ago to talking about a Dalton-like mini-ice age. In his very recent publication that is pretty much ripped at WUWT he now talks about slowed warming since 2007. To me it becomes […]

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Felix Meritis: Battle against boredom with Ideas of the left

Yesterday I visited the Amsterdam version of the London based initiative ‘Battle of Ideas’ in Felix Meritis. The debate was on two subjects, that are related. Multiculturalism, ethnic segregation was the first. And second was the modern first commandment in Western social intercourse, key to my interest and familiar to anyone reading Roger Scruton. Attacking […]

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Al Gore effect to hit International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW) in Grenoble and Chamonix

The annual International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW) is usually held in the US or Canada but this year chose Grenoble and Chamonix in the French Alps as its venue. The conference that is held this week hosts 600 scientists and mountain experts who have emitted tons of CO2 arriving from all over the world. Already […]

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WWF is dishonest, wastes resources and ineffective in ‘saving’ flagship species

Last week, the Dutch biggest national newspaper De Telegraaf printed a frontpage-article on 2 reports that investigative nature and sciencejournalist Rypke Zeilmaker published for De Groene Rekenkamer, also receiving wide attention on national radio and television newsshows. The reports are now translated with the title ‘World Wide Government Fund’. We feel some of it’s key […]

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Time to discard Damanaki

One of the many troubles plaguing the European Union, is the selection of their unelected officials. Once in place, they police on dossiers on which they combine the intellectual laziness of the urban-socialist with a perfect lack of practical knowledge. To maximize civilian, economic and ecological damage, they overcompensate mentioned disabilities with the secular evangelism […]

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