The Flaws in Dutch Climate Policy

Karel Beckman. Foto: Weltschmerz. By Karel Beckman New reports from government institutions in the Netherlands have been hailed by policymakers and the press as proof that Dutch climate policy is working. Karel Beckman takes a hard look at the facts and sees a different reality. The results fall short, the uncertainties are great. [...]

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Farmers don’t believe in global warming and why that’s not a paradox

If one ever wanted one article summing up all that's wrong with climate science and climate science communication then we now have a credible source. Read senior editor Beth Kowitt's Fortune article: The Paradox of American Farmers and Climate Change. What is the paradox? Some U.S. farmers are skeptical of climate change, even though they’re among the most affected [...]

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Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, You Are a Pussy!

Pussy Vig Knudstorp admits in press conference that he indeed ís a pussy As Schopenhauer stated, when rational arguments no longer suffice - pe. your opponent is too stupid/irrational or whimpy anyway- you just start insulting. We arrive at this level of discussion when LEGO-CEO Jorgen Vig Knudstorp kneels for terror by an [...]

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