This is hilarious: Planet-healer Obama was too busy to spend a single night in Copenhagen working on The Most Important Problem of All Time

[The Copenhagen Tapes]: Video – SPIEGEL ONLINE – Nachrichten

[At the 6:24 mark here, Barack Obama, on December 18, 2009: “We’re not staying until tomorrow. I’m just letting you know. Because all of us obviously have extraordinarily important other business to attend to.”]

Not long after uttering the quote above, Obama hopped aboard a fossil-fueled plane for a ten-day Hawaiian vacation.

France24 – Obama to Hawaii for holidays, challenges await him in 2010

The first family will spend Christmas and the New Year in the 50th US state, including some time on the beach. Leaving the snow-covered capital in sub-freezing temperatures, the Obamas are to spend 10 days in and around the Hawaiian capital Honolulu, where they can expect some warmer weather.