Twee fenomenale artikelen met historische dimensies. Beide gisteren gepubliceerd. We hebben het over Judith Curry die op haar blog Climate Etc. het stevig gekruide artikel “Heresy and the creation of monsters” plaatste. Zij wijst hiermee de wetenschap de weg terug naar integriteit. Wat een heldin! Op dezelfde dag argumenteert Harold Ambler in “What will the climb down look like?” hoe de media geleidelijk hun klimaatdogmatiek aan het verlaten zijn en hoe dit erosieproces verder zal verlopen.

Hieronder uit elk artikel een korte soundbite:

Judith Curry:

Let me preface my statement by saying that at this point, I am pretty much immune to criticisms from my peers regarding my behavior and public outreach on this topic (I respond to any and all criticisms of my arguments that are specifically addressed to me.) If you think that I am a big part of the cause of the problems you are facing, I suggest that you think about this more carefully. I am doing my best to return some sanity to this situation and restore science to a higher position than the dogma of consensus. You may not like it, and my actions may turn out to be ineffective, futile, or counterproductive in the short or long run, by whatever standards this whole episode ends up getting judged. But this is my carefully considered choice on what it means to be a scientist and to behave with personal and professional integrity. Uit: “Heresy and the creation of monsters

Harold Ambler:

When in 2009 Arianna Huffington approved my piece about the merits of skeptical climate science, the HuffPo was attempting to get a start on its own climb-down. As I had written to Huffington, more than once, and heard back from her personally, more than once, I knew that she had considered my argument that it was not a question of whether the big news dogs would have to eat a little humble pie on climate but rather when. Huffington’s response was to publish ‘Mr. Gore: Apology Accepted.’ It is safe to say that she badly underestimated two things: (1) the amount of traffic that the article would receive and (2) the amount of pressure that would be applied to her for the heretical decision to publish it. As for the former, the piece remains the third-most e-mailed blogger piece in HuffPo history. This, despite the fact that ‘Apology Accepted’ was removed from the front end of the site. (Google searching the story still calls it up.) Within hours of being put up on HuffPo, the article had gone viral (to the extent that a climate piece can). Eventually, the piece wound up being translated into dozens of languages, getting cited by television pundits, and being published in part in The Wall Street Journal and The National Review Online, among many other places. Uit: What will the climb down look like?