Het Britse opinieweekblad The Spectator en wetenschapsjournalist Matt Ridley, auteur van Genome en ‘The Rational Optimist’hebben een nieuwe prijs voor schrijvers gelanceerd: ‘The Matt Ridley Price for Environmental Heresy’.

The rules are simple. We invite pieces from 1,000 to 2,000 words in length, to gore one of the sacred cows of the environmentalist movement. Matt says more in his cover essay for the new Spectator (which you can also read on Facebook) :

‘There are many to choose from: the idea that wind power is good for the climate, or that biofuels are good for the rain forest or that organic farming is good for the planet or that climate change is a bigger extinction threat than invasive species.’ A shortlist of six will be put to a panel of judges and the winning entry will be published in the magazine in July.

Entries, please, to ridleyprize@spectator.co.uk and they close on 30 June 2012. And will do every year from now on. I’ll leave the final word to Matt: ‘The real enemy is not wind farms per se, but the groupthink and hysteria which allowed such a flawed idea to progress with a minimum of intellectual opposition.

Tijd om je Engelse schrijfspieren eens los te maken…