De eerste keer dat ik de term ‘Clexit’ ben tegengekomen was in een ‘posting’ van Rob Lemeire (België) onder de titel: ‘Van Brexit naar Clexit’. Dat wil zeggen een opzegging van de klimaatovereenkomst, die afgelopen december op de klimaattop in Parijs werd gesloten.

Het kon niet uitblijven. Op initiatief van de Australische klimaatscepticus Viv Forbes is er nu ook een heuse internationale campagne op gang gekomen die naar een Clexit streeft. Inmiddels hebben zich tientallen internationaal bekende klimaatsceptici daarbij aangesloten.

Aan de aankondiging van de oprichting van de beweging ontleen ik het volgende.

After Brexit, Clexit. Harmful, Costly, Unscientific Climate Treaties should be torn up.

A new international organisation aims to prevent ratification of the costly and dangerous Paris global warming accord which is being promoted heavily by the EU and the present US administration.

‘CLEXIT’ (CLimate Exit) was inspired by the Brexit decision of the British people to withdraw from the increasingly dictatorial grasp of the EU bureaucracy.

‘Clexit has already attracted over 50 well-informed senior figures from 16 countries. …

If the Paris climate accord is ratified, or enforced unilaterally by compliant governments, it will strangle the leading economies of the world with pointless carbon taxes and costly climate and energy policies, all with no sound basis in evidence or science. These destructive policies are already killing real industry while enriching the huge artificial and parasitical climate-change industry that thrives on bureaucracy, mis-directed government research, law books of new regulations, never-ending conferences and subsidies for promoters of the failing technologies of renewable energy.

And all the time, government media and their allies dominate the political debate by endlessly trumpeting forecasts of doom, making sure that the “right” message is repeated endlessly, and making sure that dissident views are censored or ridiculed.

For the EU, heavily subsidised wind and solar power will always deliver intermittent and erratic supply at great cost. This will produce periodic surges of oversupply which destabilise the grid and temporarily depress electricity prices, leading to losses and closures of reliable generators. At other times (and every still night), wind and sun will produce minimal or zero power, causing very high electricity prices and increasing the chances of brownouts and blackouts. …

Aluminium smelters and steel works have already closed or relocated to countries not mesmerised by the climate scam. Other industries will follow.

Poland is resisting these suicidal industrial policies, and even Germany is recognising the danger by introducing subsidies to keep its industrial base.

Just one long cold European winter, with a few heavy snowfalls and a succession of still, frosty nights will produce the blackouts which will shock Europe into energy reality and bring the Paris energy follies to an end. In the last such winter, thousands of people died in Britain from cold as they could not afford home heating. …

The EU is a driving force promoting green energy, environmental extremism, world carbon taxes and global control by unelected bureaucrats. Brexit was Britain’s answer to the growing over-reach of EU bureaucracies. Clexit is our answer.

The Clexit Campaign aims to prevent ratification or local enforcement of the UN climate treaty. Nations do not need UN and EU bureaucrats manipulating science in order to justify their dreams to redistribute wealth and revert to the central planning that enslaved and impoverished the old command economies.

This vicious and relentless war on carbon dioxide will be seen by future generations as the most misguided mass delusion that the world has ever seen.

Carbon dioxide is NOT a dangerous pollutant – it is a natural, non-toxic and beneficial gas which feeds all life on earth. Its increasing concentration is improving the environment not harming it.

Carbon dioxide is also an insignificant player in global warming. Its so-called “greenhouse effect” is far smaller than water vapour and, because this effect declines logarithmically as carbon dioxide levels rise, most of its effect on surface temperature is already exhausted. …

More carbon dioxide is already greening the planet as it has done in the past. Warming oceans always expel more moisture and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and these two gases-of-life always encourage plant growth and produce a verdant globe. …

The world must abandon this suicidal Global Warming crusade. Man does not and cannot control the climate. Climate and weather are always changing, but apart from cyclic spikes of El Nino warming, there has been no measurable warming for twenty years. …

If the UN/EU persists in this climate madness, the rest of the world must support Clexit.

Neither national, state or local governments should support, sign, enforce or waste public funds on any of the job-killing climate agreements, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Habitat 3 or any other foreign agendas transferring real power and wealth from elected nationals to unelected international bureaucracies.

Lees verder hier.

Dit is de zoveelste oproep van klimaatsceptici aan regeringen om tot bezinning te komen en zich te laten leiden door rationaliteit in plaats van wetenschappelijk ongefundeerde klimaathysterie. De ondertekenaars hebben allen een onberispelijke staat van dienst op wetenschappelijk gebied en andere terreinen. Wordt het niet eens tijd dat hun argumenten serieus worden genomen?

Voor mijn eerdere bijdragen over klimaat en aanverwante zaken zie hierhier, hier, hier en hier.