Stephen Bannon is baas van de Breitbart-website en speelt een belangrijke rol in het overgangsteam van Donald Trump – in de toekomst waarschijnlijk ook in zijn staf.


Trump … named Bannon his chief White House strategist and senior counselor, a powerful position that acknowledges Bannon’s role as the “Trump whisperer,” the man with the president-elect’s ear. Bannon, a former investment banker, joined Trump’s campaign in August and helped guide it to its stunning upset over Democrat Hillary Clinton last week.

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James Delingpole – die de term ‘Climategate’ heeft gemunt, waaraan deze website zijn naam dankt – schrijft sinds enige tijd voor Breitbart – waaronder veel over de klimaathype.

Hij is goed ingevoerd in het het gedachtegoed van het Trump-team over klimaat en aanverwante zaken. Sterker nog, door zijn scherpe columns gedurende vele jaren is hij een van de belangrijke inspirators daarvan.

Onder de titel, ‘Trump Versus The Green Blob: The Battle That Will Define His Presidency’, schreef James onlangs voor Breitbart:

2016 will go down in history as the year when the world finally saw sense. Nowhere will this be more apparent than in America’s bold and brilliant decision to elect Donald Trump who, in my view, is set fair to be one of the truly great U.S. presidents.

I realise that this isn’t obvious to some people—even those who claim to be on the conservative side of the political argument. But after a recent trip to D.C. for some private briefings, both with his transition teams and with key members of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, I came away more confident than ever that Trump has what it takes—especially when it comes to dealing with arguably the most dangerous menace of our time: the massively corrupt, overblown, expensive, misanthropic, bullying, insidious, ugly, mendacious and hideously destructive environmental industry—aka The Green Blob. …

The Green Blob’s tentacles extend everywhere: into our kids’ classrooms (where they are brainwashed with environmental propaganda); into our universities (where whole departments have now been hijacked by green junk science—because hey, that’s where the money is); into the mainstream media (most of which repeats, unquestioningly, the spurious claims of impending eco-disaster put out by environmental activists and publicity-hungry university departments); into business, which now wastes billions on environmental compliance and billions more on energy costs artificially inflated by the almost entirely unnecessary government-mandated drive for renewables); into government (where few politicians, even now, have the nous to appreciate that they have been sold a pup and who still continue to inflict more “sustainable” initiatives on their hapless electorates); into the economy, where jobs have been killed and growth blighted by measures designed by eco-fascists on a self-admitted mission to destroy Western industrial civilisation; into the environment, which has been ravaged by the very things we’re told are supposed to help save it—from bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco crucifixes to those forests in the US which have been chopped down to create wood-chip biofuels to be burned at Britain’s Drax power station to the rare-earth minerals mined in appalling conditions in China to make wind turbines; into the cost of living (inflated by green taxes, regulations and tariffs), where in some cases people have been driven into fuel poverty and an early death because governments like Obama’s have caused electricity prices “necessarily” to “skyrocket” by mandating renewables over cheaper, more reliable fossil fuel.

This insanity has been allowed to prevail, largely unchecked, for over four decades. While enriching a corrupt few, it has caused misery to billions. It costs the global economy at least $1.5 trillion every year in “decarbonisation” expenditure which serves no purpose other than to give virtue-signallers a warm glow of self-righteous satisfaction.

And no major politician, anywhere in the world, has had either the courage or the conviction to deal with it.

Until now.

The Donald Trump presidency is a game changer. It’s the black swan event the world so sorely needed to avert what was threatening to become an out-of-control disaster.

Had Hillary won the Green Blob would have become so entrenched and powerful as to become almost indestructible. …

Aldus James Delingpole.

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Natuurlijk is dit soort proza akelig voor de teerbesnaarde zielen van onze klimaatbevlogen medemensen. Nochtans vertolken zij de ‘consensus’ onder vele klimaatsceptici. Nu de politieke wind, althans in de VS, uit een andere hoek gaat waaien, is het toch goed om daar kennis van te nemen als voorbode van de dingen die komen gaan.

Voor mijn eerdere bijdragen over klimaat en aanverwante zaken zie hierhier, hier, hier en hier.