What if GISS Holes were Pink?

Posted on June 15, 2010 by charles the moderator

By Steve Goddard

GISS tells us that it was the hottest May on record. Just looking at that map makes me perspire. It must be wicked hot at the North Pole!

But wait a minute! The DMI record doesn’t look so hot in the Arctic.

What could be wrong? Could it be the fact that GISS has almost no coverage in the Arctic? We often hear the question”what if CO2 were pink?” Answer : it would still be almost invisible at 0.0004 concentration.

Now, let’s turn that around and see what GISS coverage holes would like if they were pink.

Shocking pink, that is. GISS is claiming a global temperature record based largely on the Arctic – in which they have less than 10% coverage. Hansen explains the growing gap between GISS and Had-Crut as being due to the fact that GISS has better Arctic coverage.

Judge for yourself.

GISS has 2010 at #1. Had-Crut has 2010 at #4. Thanks to GISS’ extensive Arctic coverage.