Yesterday I visited the Amsterdam version of the London based initiative ‘Battle of Ideas’ in Felix Meritis. The debate was on two subjects, that are related. Multiculturalism, ethnic segregation was the first. And second was the modern first commandment in Western social intercourse, key to my interest and familiar to anyone reading Roger Scruton. Attacking the doctrine of Non-judgmentalism, ‘thou shalt not judge’ (except the judger, he shall be loathed with contempt and irony for not being relativist/multiculturalist), because all values and opinions should be equal of value.

Battle against boredom: the ones who are right were absent
The ‘battle’ was a yawn-inducing exercise in selfdenial and failure to identify root causes, so prevalent in this type of urban debates in Amsterdam. Always, the Left are overrepresented. And those who are right are absent. Mostly because those who are right have better things to do, like maintaining a business or tending their families, whereas being left requires free money, and loads of spare time made possible by the absence of social obligations.

So instead, let me give my own analysis on multiculti and non-judgementalism from a perspective of human biology and human ecology. They are two sides of the same coin called cultural nihilism that has become root of Western (pop)culture sinds ’68, that is pumped in our brains through media and social pressure. And I link it to my ecological and biological analysis of day to day observations as a white male hominid in his thirties who was brought up in it, and wasted too much time on it.

Annihilate Plato!!
First: The problem with ideas is ‘The Idea’  itself and it’s origin: Plato, who invented ‘the Idea’, that reality is a representation of an ideal state. And thus, ideas are more real than reality. Instead of the other way around, that practice precedes all theory.  We need to annihilate Plato, idealism, and move back to nature defined as observed reality, that what works. And then find proper balance between theory (the conclusion from a set of observations that can be debated) and observation itself. Only then we will see the root cause of many ills that are now unjustly ascribed to ethnicity per sé (the wrong theory), because of the undeniable fact that some groups are overrepresented in crime statistics (observation). In my second blog I will go further on the idea of ideas, now back to nihilism as a root of crimiminal behaviour, social desintegration and aggression.

Popculture is nihilism
Cultural nihilism is not unique to the culture wars and the multiculti-debate. It has infected Western society as a whole, together with the abolition of common sense in trade for academic opinions of ’the experts’, from fake science like the Humanities and Social Science. It has been overcultivated by the environmental movement portraying humans as plague species. It has been adopted by popculture, many times with a pseudoscientific justification. Music is the most effective vehicle of communicating pop culture’s disposable values, adopted only for the pleasure of consumption just like any soulless product from cornflakes to hamburgers.

I am to popculture as a smoker to cigarettes: for years I promised myself to quit knowing it is unhealthy, but aborting an addiction is a long process, so for instance I still ‘go out’ and torture mind and ears with metal music. Nevertheless, i support this idea on popculture: the message taken literally is the guide to desillusion, nihilism and selfhatred. It started with Naked Ape-type ideo-biology of Desmond Morris. And it is most effectively summarized with the unfamous songline by the Bloodhound Gang. Very funny:

You and me baby are nothing but mammals, so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.’

We find the same basics in gangstarap: humans are mammals, so we should behave like them, in primeaval state of gang against gang fueled by blingbling battling for the bitches. And success in mating bitches is the main message of the video. So the average Hiphop-clip is more a lesson in hominid mating systems. The message: do just like chimpanzees do, encouraged by an anti social multimillionaire that sounds angry to competitors and too pleased with himself. But than on the rhythm of an easy 4-4-tic tac tune, and jingles stolen from others (mostly p-funk grooves from the seventies).

Who is vulnerable to addiction?
Those that have a Western background and the better off know how to relativate this marketing of criminal behaviour, anti-social behaviour, and consumption of endorfines through easy sex. They are less vulnerable through their upbringing. And- yawn again- no, the fans of ‘grunge’ did not kill themselves on a massive scale when Kurt Cobain killed himself, only nutters did.

But then: if you have adolescent role models that

  • a. are criminals
  • b. abuse drugs and kill themselves

….what does this say about the vitality of your culture, it’s examples and the willingness to defend values, to be responsible citizen?


Media, the church of nihilism
What if your social group, because of their upbringing- or lack thereoff- is more vulnerable to manipulation by popculture and marketing? And what if a part of this (host)culture promotes nihilism, criminal and animal behaviour? While before, culture was used to ammeliorate this animal instincts, at least in all cultures since the dawn of civilization. To me, raised with popculture this is the obvious missing explanation for anti-social behaviour. Behaviour that is ascribed to ethnic groups because of their overrepresentation in crime statistics. While to my analysis, it is not the culture of ethnic groups per sé, but the adoption of pop culture and vulnerability of some to this without having adequate mental defences.

Music has always been an important vehicle for social commuting and communicating values. In churches, the believers were raised with psalms and hymns about how to love God and the neighbour. In the nihilist church of consumption culture, youth is raised with the hymns of disposable sex and ritualized greed, sometimes on rythms that African shamanists use to invoke trance. Denying this is denying the obvious unless one really wants to make believe that music has no mental or spiritual influence. Since liberal lefties do so as a form of Pavlov reaction: please do deny.

Going out: poisoning yourself, destroy your hearing, get a hard on
Lately- yes I’m growing old- I even think: what we call party is actually designed to destroy (mental) health and promote abuse, as I once again willfully experienced last friday. First you put the music so loud that conversation is impossible. So you have to scream in eachothers ears, thus extra destroying your hearing. In a normal era, this would mean that you would get bored. The alternatives to boredom: alcohol and various substances to make you enjoy an environment of darkness and noise that all our ancestors since the start of evolution would have seemed like hell.

So first you make conditions for conversation impossible, and then partygoers take alcohol in order to make themselves feel more sociable. Ehhh, did I miss something? Yes, I was drinking as well.

So why do young people go there at all?

The first  explanation is conformity and fear of loneliness, boredom. Nothing frightens youngsters more than non-conformity, so they do what everyone does: if the norm would be non-conformity than everybody would behave non-conform and apart from variation in clothing everyone would still behave and think the same. The second but not least: They are motivated by the illusion of easy sex without social or moral consequences.

Again, medium is the message, dresscode is part of social code. All girls have adopted a dresscode since the sexual revolution that was formerly limited to prostitution zones. It is not what they would wear when applying for a job as Salvation Army officer. The paradox of feminism, is that while demanding equal rights and more attention to other qualities than the sexual, women have more and more underlined their sexual qualities. Their nipples pointing through their shirt, a wonderful parade of most adorable women’s asses in line in the disco. It is –statistically speaking- the easiest way to gain influence on men. At least, for the last millennia it was.

Humans as a product for endorfine consumption
Many girls do so, first to feel more secure about themselves, second to outcompete other girls, make them envious. And then, yes for the dicks and no, let’s not quote Napoleon Bonaparte here on women. For males the motivation of the other sex does not matter as the physical result of the visual stimuli is the same: they get a hard on, and in conversation- if this is possible anyway- they succesfully have to lie that it’s not only sex they are after with hard nipples pressing against your body in an overcrowded noisy dome. How many stable relations after ejaculations does disposable sexconsumption result to?

Does it not lead to a state of permanent dissatisfaction, if you approach interpersonal relations with the attitude of a junkie, searching for a shot of endorfines in a cocoon of flesh? When I go out and see an army of police on the streets, big gorilla’s guarding the doors of discos, I see the relation between sexual arousal and agression that every culture on earth in human history has ritualised untill the Western culture since 1968.

Sex and agression
Since the centres of agression and sex are related in the brain, is it not obvious that those who destroy stuff on the streets and fight when ‘going out’ are the ones- most of them- who did not find an easy penetrable pussy. They need a way to steam off the sexual arousal of the titty parade that is the dance floor of modern discotheques, the only public venues youth weekly visit in a secular nihilist culture in order to get disillusioned dressed up as fun. How come we have learned to find this normal, that people looking for fun start acting criminal and need an army of police around them? As a weekly ritual…

Jail the women!
I remember going out in Pennsylvania where it was ‘normal’ that young girls would rub their ass to your dick as a form of dancing. And the police was standing on the dancefloor, as a standard form of security. Now who should they jail when things naturally get out of hand, the women or the men? The standard reaction of the nihilists never goes further than Freud: you are frustrated. I would ask: presume this is so, is the precedence of this ‘frustration’ not the socially enforced adoption of unhealthy behaviour?

So to conclude: Morrocan youngsters that raid old housewives and harass young girls hold the same ethics as greedy bankers causing the economic crisis, that has part of it’s roots in cultural and moral relativism. A heritage of the ’68-generation values/lack thereoff that both were brought up in, where breaking the law is the law, being irresponsible to yourself and others is the norm, and you learn to talk about this as if this is fun: only in an ironic sense, it means nothing. It is an addiction that you are vulnerable to if

  • a. you are not corrected sufficiently by your upbringing, rolemodels and mentors
  • b. your acts have no direct negative consequences on your personal life and income, because you are pampered by social welfare. Or as a banker, the state will save you because they have no choice
  • c. you are too stupid to understand the golden rule and thus tend to act like a short sighted animal anyway

From a/c the consequence is the same: if you are not corrected by internalized moral values and have no good role models, you are vulnerable to nihilist social pollution. I’ve had many good mentors to keep my personality on the road, but I know pop culture has given me many false promises, that turned out to be a waste of my life. This is why I try to step out in the last 5 years, with the first move: ditch the television. One can also find the wrong mentors on the way out, for example a Salafist preacher. Though some critics point to the canonisation of theft in Islam, especially from the non-believers.

As Wafa Sultan puts it: Bedouins feared raiding on the one hand, and relied on it as a means of livelihood on the other. Then Islam came along and canonized it (A God Who Hates).

Fight for your mental independance and health

Fight for your mental independance and health

Why are some ethnic groups overrepresented in crime? ‘Why are whites still underrepresented’!!
But no, what a worthless idea. Let’s now, after a cokesniffing party rubbing dicks of strangers in a dome of noise, convert muslims to the thought that we lefty atheist liberals in the West must be superior and they should ditch their religion and show their way of living is hopelessly outdated. Let us form multicultural study groups and taskforces, visit mosks to ponder under a cup of tea: why are some ethnic groups statistically overrepresented in crime, and do some after aborting pop culture seek salvation in sektarian violence?

The better question is: why are Western kids underrepresented in crime, regarding the fact they are bombarded through media and daily popculture by moral, cultural en ethical nihilism, a constant fire of sexual and agression arrousing stimuli that they must oppress. And taught that everything from Coca Cola cans to sex is disposable, it means nothing, even life means nothing, truth does not exist. And that the only selfproclaimed ethical autority now prevalent in media, the environmental movement teaches them that they are a plague species, a disease that the planet should get rid off?

What values do we defend when we talk about when talking Western culture?  The ones in Holland who claim to defend Western culture and the ‘Judeo Christian’-heritage, are mostly secular post-christians that are slaves of nihilist popculture dressed up as tolerance and even ‘Enlightenment’.  I suspect they are so fond of gays, not because they are, but because this is an easy way to piss off the non-liberals and especially the nonrelativist religious.

So to conclude: We should admire those who keep their sanity in Western culture, at least, this is my Idea.